Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week 34 -- May 21- May 24

Happy, Happy Monday!

We only have 3 weeks of school left!! Yikes time if just flying by.

Here are a few important dates to remember...

Thursday, May 24 -- 1st Grade MAPS testing

Monday, June 4, 2018 -- Popsicles in the park to celebrate Summer birthdays.

Wednesday, June 6-- 8th grade graduation at Venturacci Gym  
Wednesday, June 6 @1:30 -- 1st Grade Drama play. 

Thursday June 7 -- Field day and the last day of school. 

Last week in first grade we...

  • practiced adding commas to the date and to words in a series.
  • Practiced capitalizing names, months, titles.
  • finished up our personal narrative rough drafts.
  • identified why offspring resembles their parents or relatives. 
This week we will...
  • complete assessments on previous learning.
  • write our final drafts of our personal narratives.
  • learn about money,  banks and consumer and producers. 
Last week was the last week of spelling. Also, please make sure your child continues to read for 20 minutes. We may not meet in formal reading groups these last weeks but it is important to keep reading. 

Math news from Mrs. Garcia...
The countdown is on!  We are officially down to the last 11 days of school.  You will be receiving an email from O.A. about Field Day.  Field Day will be held at Oasis Academy on the last day of school, June 7th, from 8:00 - 2:00.  ALL student are released at 2:00 this day!

Over the next week please have your 1st grader choose an IXL assignment from the 1st grade IXL objectives for math to complete for homework Monday - Thursday.  There will be no assigned homework.  I will be receiving updates through IXL in order to see who has completed assignments throughout the week.  If they choose NOT to complete an assignment each day, they will stay in for study hall.\\

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dates To Remember

Here are some important dates to remember...

Monday, June 4, 2018 -- Popsicles in the park to celebrate Summer birthdays.

Wednesday, June 6 @1:30 -- 1st Grade Drama play. 

Thursday June 7 -- Field day and the last day of school. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Week 33

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A big thank you for all the wonderful teacher appreciation gifts.  The teachers were definitely spoiled last week. 

  • This will be our last week for spelling words.  We will continue to have reading groups with homework and fluency/sight words to practice.
  • Spring MAPS testing will be during the week of May 21st.  This will give us a few days for make-up tests, in case of absences.
Last week in first grade:
  • We continued to practice finding the moral/lesson of a fable.
  • We learned how to use commas when writing the date and when making a list.
  • We added details to our small moment stories.
  • We completed some assessments in preparation for report cards.
This week in first grade:
  • We will continue to practice finding the moral of the story in preparation for assessment.
  • We will practice using commas in different ways.
  • We will add the beginning and ending to our small moment stories.
  • We will explore more plant and animal superpowers.
Math News From Miss Garcia
This week we will be reviewing shapes and measurement.  All of the IXL assigned this week deals with number sense.  Please have your 1st grader use the resources in their binder (100’s chart and number line) in order to accurately answer their IXL questions.  They can also use any of the strategies that they have been taught in class and write them out.

Homework for Week 33
May 14th - 17th
IXL - E.9 Add two multiples of 10
IXL - I.4 Subtract a multiple of 10
IXL - D.7 Addition sentences using a number line: sums to 18
IXL - H.12 Make a number using subtraction - numbers up to 20
Happy Mother's Day!!

~Mrs. Rowlett & Miss Garcia